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Returning From Hiatus!

As we all know, life can get dicey at times. But now I’m back and here’s what you can look forward to:

The Mating Game

New chapters are coming this month!

And Something New?

Stay tuned for an exclusive cover reveal for the first tale in the new Champions series!

Royally Screwed

Exclusively on Kindle Vella!

Kidnapped by pirates and presented as a gift to their Captain, Princess Annalise fears her life may be over. She soon discovers that Captain Xavier Harrison is much more a gentleman than those in his crew... and that he's not only willing to drop her off at the next port, but he just might teach her a few things along the way.

The Mating Game

Aubrey Peters has made a daring escape from her captor. As a Breeder, she'd been held against her will by power mad wolf Jeremiah Ravenwood. Crossing the border to find her family and live a life without fear, she runs smack dab into Alpha Wes Collins. He can tell right away she's been hurt, and is cautious in his pursuit... until Aubrey decides she needs him to have her... at least once. ***Warning: Mentions past abuses and trauma. Proceed with caution!***

The Vampire’s Love Trilogy

The continuing adventures of Darius and Cordelia! From their first meeting to all their erotic adventures as they explore their love and fight to save the life they’ve created together!

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